About us

As a leading lawn care service in New Braunfels, every new client that we bring on, a lawn care specialist will visit and walk the property with the clients and develop a care plan for how to best care for the property, as well as ask any necessary questions to discover the needs and goals of the clients. Once this has been done, the lawn care specialist develops a series of notes that will be used by the team during their appointment to ensure that there is always a consistently high level of service. The team will also update the notes after every appointment to ensure that nothing is missed, and will remain in constant contact with the specialist in charge of the property. This also allows us to send you a detailed invoice at the end of the month so that you know precisely what has been done to care for your property, and there is no question on what you are being charged for.

Dustin Berger

Dustin is the managing partner of NBPC. Shortly after moving to Texas in March of 2010 Dustin met his soon to be wife Anne-Marie and was married that following March. Dustin and Anne-Marie have a beautiful little girl, Landry, and love living in New Braunfels.

Jason Ragan

Jason has worked in property maintenance in New Braunfels since 2003 and has been a licensed irrigator since 2006. Before merging with New Braunfels Property Care, he operated Premier Irrigation Services. He is married to Cheryl Ragan, and they have three children: Barrett, Camden and Berkley.

Our Crews

At New Braunfels Property Care, we have a specific crew dedicated exclusively to shrubs and plants. With expertise in plant and shrub landscaping, our enhancement crew trims and cares for your plants with attention and care, ensuring the highest quality. We take pride in providing expert and dedicated care to your landscape.

Our mowing crew focuses on lawn health, using property specific notes with each lawn we mow. No two lawns are the same, and with each lawn we ensure the grass grows to optimal height for lawn health and weed control. On each visit we evaluate whether or not the lawn is getting sufficient water, too much water, insect damage, diseases or fungus. Once we make our assessment, our Licensed fertilizer/weed control specialist can treat the areas of concern within a day or two.

You CAN have the lawn you want AND abide by the water restrictions!