Water Smart Landscaping

Water restrictions are here to stay, do you have a long term solution?

Let the results speak for themselves

Water Efficiency:

Our team will design and install a landscape that minimizes water consumption through the use of drought-tolerant plants, smart irrigation systems, and efficient design practices.

Drought-Tolerant Plants:

We have an extensive selection of drought-resistant plants that are not only beautiful but also require minimal watering. These plants are specifically chosen for their ability to thrive in arid climates, reducing water consumption and ensuring your landscape remains stunning year-round.

Smart Irrigation Systems:

Our expertise extends to the installation of state-of-the-art irrigation systems that utilize advanced technologies such as weather sensors, drip irrigation for the lawn/beds as well as smart controllers. These systems ensure that your landscape receives the right amount of water at the right time, optimizing water usage and reducing waste. To learn more about our water-smart landscaping services and discuss how we can enhance your pool area with a drought-resistant design, I would be happy to schedule a call or an in-person meeting at your convenience. Just let me know the best time for you, and I will make all the arrangements.

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Typical New Braunfels lawn in summer with standard irrigation.

Water smart drip irrigation in the heat of summer.

You CAN have the lawn you want AND abide by the water restrictions!