Weed Control Fertilizer

New Braunfels Weed Control Service

Oh those nasty weeds, they keep popping up, right? Well, not on the lawns we manage. New Braunfels Property Care is your one-stop lawn care specialist service that not only controls growth, but prevents weeds from taking your yard or garden. Call us today for an in-person estimate for maintaining your landscaping including our weed control service and routine fertilizing to keep things green, colorful and growing. All without weeds! Call today.

Weed Control Services Near Me

We know you have lawn care choices when it comes to who will do your weed control services. But as one of New Braunfels best rated lawn care companies, we know how to keep our clients happy. They give us high praise because our full service landscaping services keep things green, beautiful and always with that better homes and garden appearance. Give us a call today, because we are nearby and live right hear in the New Braunfels community.

Are Fertilizer Services Expensive?

They say you can spend time, or spend money. When it comes to lawn fertilizer, if you enjoy a good walk you might like doing it yourself. But, keep in mind lawn fertilizer should be handled with care. If you’d like to compare the cost to having us do it, just give us a call. Most people are shocked to learn our fertilizing service is quite reasonable allowing them to take their walks elsewhere like a nice park and leave the lawn fertilizing duties to us. Let us give you a free estimate today.

Lawn Fertilizer Spreader Cost

Similar to aeration equipment or a top dressing spreader, a lawn fertilizer spreader is used really only a few times each year. So instead of taking up valuable space in your garage or shed, let us handle this task for you. Our team has the right equipment, perform lawn fertilizing services for lots of New Braunfels homeowners covering thousands of square yards of turf. It’s what we do best so let us keep your lawn looking good all year long. It’s probably less than you think so give us a call today for a free no obligation quote.

You CAN have the lawn you want AND abide by the water restrictions!