Shrub Hedge Tree Trimming

Monthly Shrub Trimming Service

If they’re real, they grow! Pruning done right can help all your shrubs, hedges and trees fill out beautifully as you hoped when they were little. So our monthly shrub trimming service, tree trimming and hedge trimming services not only keep you off tall ladders, but give you the peace of mind knowing our experts know the best times and branch locations to prune. Call New Braunfels Property Care for a free estimate.

Hedge Trimming Services Near Me

Hedge trimming services vary because most landscaping companies prefer to include it as part of a routine maintenance. Call us if you have a one-off project or overgrowth that you want cut back or removed. For most homeowners with hedges, ideally we can keep them trimmed to your desired height and shape to compliment your overall landscaping appearance. Call today for a free hedge trimming service quote.

Cost Of Tree Trimming

So you have a tree that has grown beyond your reach, both on foot or on a tall ladder. Rather than risk injury, let our trained tree trimming team (hey 4 words in a row beginning with a T lol), prune those branches so your tree keeps main branch balance and support for new growth while keeping the beauty of your trees intact. The cost of tree trimming will vary from job to job but with a quick phone call we can get you an estimate easy enough.

From Trimming To Full Maintenance

For most people, yard work is a routine chore and some just love doing it. Hey we get it because we’ve built a company doing just that. New Braunfels Property Care is family owned and operated with the mission of keeping our community of homes looking fantastic. You might be finding us with a search on Google using any of these terms: shrub trimming, tree trimming, hedge trimming, but one this is for sure. We can do it all and are happy to provide a written estimate for any of our trimming services or if you’d like to consider having us do your landscaping maintenance we are sure you will be happy. Let us be your preferred New Braunfels Property Care service of choice. The call is free and so is the estimate.

You CAN have the lawn you want AND abide by the water restrictions!