seasonal services

Leaf Removal

Our leaf removal service is finely tuned and will protect your property while removing the leaves. To do this, our team will come in with high powered air blowers and will move the leaves into large piles that can then be removed from the property. While the other guys will use rakes that will damage the grass and leave behind bits and pieces of leaves, our process does neither of these. When we go, your lawn will look as though it had been vacuumed because it will look so clean.

Top Dressing

The soil in Texas is rocky, and most developers do not lay enough topsoil underneath the grass on your property. In the summertime, the rocks in the ground will heat up, and this heat will damage and kill the roots of your lawn. Our top dressing service involves applying a thin layer of compost/ soil to the lawn to enhance the soil structure while feeding the roots of the lawn. 


Mulching is a service typically provided in the springtime and is used to refresh your mulch beds. The mulch retains moisture and will help prevent the plants from drying up. It also helps to deter weed growth, helping your mulch beds stay as beautiful as possible.


Aeration is another seasonal service that we offer. We typically provide our aerating service in the fall and spring, to help your grass receive more water and oxygen to the roots. This is done through a process of extracting cores of compacted soil that is preventing oxygen and nutrients to the roots.

You CAN have the lawn you want AND abide by the water restrictions!