Lawn Top Dressing

Lawn Top Dressing Service New Braunfels

Top dressing is the process of spreading a thin layer of material (usually compost or sand) over your lawn, or sections of your lawn. This layer is only about a 1/4″ and is meant to amend the soil of your lawn while letting the existing grass grow through the top dressing material. At New Braunfels Property Care, we make top dressing services part of our overall lawn maintenance regiment. Call us today for a free estimate.

Cost To Top Dress Your Lawn?

Lean on our expertise to help determine the cost to top dress your lawn. Applying compost is a proven maintenance practice in the golf course industry and the same principle also applies to commercial and residential lawn application. Good results are realized when a adding organic material to your existing soil and established lawn in conjunction with aeration. Reseeding of the area often follows. This process improves microbial activity, increases water-holding capacity of the soil, reduces soil compaction and helps improve the degradation of thatch. Let us provide a written estimate for top dressing your lawn.

When To Top Dress My Lawn?

Asking yourself when to top dress my lawn can sound as foreign as asking how to operate a thingamajig. The best time to top dress your lawn is when it is actively growing and you are heading into prime growing conditions. For cool season grasses late summer/early fall is best. You hear a lot of talk about fall being a good time to seed your lawn, but in colder climates you have to be careful. In some regions if you wait until fall, the soil temperatures will likely be too cool for germination. For warm season grasses the best time to top dress is early summer. This is when warm season grasses begin to take off. Let us give you a free estimate today, just give us a call!

Top Dressing Spreader

Similar to aeration equipment, a top dressing spreader is used only a few times per year so the investment, time and energy spent is not as practical a hiring a top dressing service like us at New Braunfels Property Care. It’s what we do and we’re very good at it. Our job is to make your lawn not only look beautiful, but enjoyable to be on so contact us today for a free estimate and consultation for complete lawn care maintenance.

You CAN have the lawn you want AND abide by the water restrictions!