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Lawn Aeration Services New Braunfels

Lawn aeration services in New Braunfels is just a phone call away. But how do you know if lawn aeration is needed? Since you cannot “see soil compaction”, just take a shovel or screwdriver and try sticking it into the ground. If it’s difficult to push in, your soil is compacted and should be aerated. Also, have you noticed puddling water and thinning grass blades? Both are the tell-tale signs you need lawn aeration. Clay soils and lawns with vehicles parked on them are more prone to compaction as well and need to be aerated regularly. Call us today for a free estimate.

When To Do Lawn Aeration?

At New Braunfels Property Care, we know it’s important that you perform lawn aeration at the right time of year, otherwise you risk damaging your lawn. So when to do lawn aeration? For cool season grass, the best times are fall or early spring. Warm season grass, on the other hand, should be aerated in late spring, just before the grass enters its peak growing season. That way, cored out holes will fill in with new grass and be less susceptible to weeds growing in. We’re nearby so call us today!

Local Lawn Aeration Services

Whether you live in New Braunfels or nearby, we’ve been the providing local lawn aeration services to homeowners for years. Using special equipment just for this purpose, we can loosen the lawn so water and nutrients reach deeper to give your lawn that lush full blade look. Often overlooked because most people never think of it, our local team will visit and show you first hand why it’s important. Call today for a free quote.

Why Lawn Aeration Is Important

You know the importance of fertilizing and watering your lawn, but why lawn aeration is important is for these reasons. When you have kids and or pets running around your yard regularly, or experience heavy rainfalls, your soil eventually gets so compacted, it begins to suffocate the grass roots while also prohibiting water and nutrients from reaching them. The great news is aeration from New Braunfels Property Care is easy to add as part of our overall lawn care maintenance. Call us today and let us visit for a free estimate.

You CAN have the lawn you want AND abide by the water restrictions!